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"Girl in a Coma covers The Beatles, Joy Division and David Bowie in 'Adventures in Coverland.'" – Music Review

After releasing a series of three “Adventures in Coverland” EPs on 7-inch vinyl in April, Girl in a Coma has made the tracks available on CD. The new “Adventures in Coverland” album includes the original seven EP tracks plus three new tracks. These new songs include a vibrant update of Buffalo Springfield’s ‘60s protest anthem “For What It’s Worth,” a new original Girl in a Coma song, “Yo Oigo,” which also was featured in Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete” this September, plus an acoustic version of their song “BB.”

What was cool about “Yo Oigo” is that Rodriguez saw the band play at SXSW so he decided to film the girls and, without their notice, put together a video and sent it to them. It was then GIAC found its way on the movie soundtrack. “Yo Oigo” is a new song and gives fans a reason to get excited about as it is as electrifying as “Machete.”

Each cover plays well with GIAC’s classic sound to give its own brand of originality. Once you hear Nina Diaz’s voice you’ll know who it is. The album kicks off with Selena’s “Si Una Vez” and the band does not disappoint from there. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Walkin After Midnight” and other covers by legendary musicians like David Bowie, Ritchie Valens, and the Velvet Underground make “Adventures in Coverland” the perfect CD to get through the short time until GIAC puts out another album. My favorite cover on the album is “Transmission” by Joy Division. This actually surprised me, not because I don’t think Joy Division is great, but because the other songs are so well known and have been covered before.

Girl in a Coma is a band with impeccable pedigree. The San Antonio-based trio (comprising of sisters Nina and Phanie Diaz and their friend Jenn Alva) were cherry picked by Joan Jett for her Blackheart Records label, and have toured extensively with Morrissey, at the personal invitation of the man who penned the song that inspired their name. It’s perhaps therefore fitting that GIAC’s “Adventures In Coverland” pays homage to the genealogy of their much-vaunted sound.

--Jason Tanamor