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Music: Girl In A Coma - Live

By: Monica Davies

Girl In A Coma will knock you flat with their attitude and full-force music. The lead singer Nina Diaz, in particular, will knock you flat.

As part of their nationwide tour to promote their second full-length album, “Trio B.C.,” the band took to the stage at New York City’s Highline Ballroom last Friday 19th June. The fledgling band, whose only claim to fame seems to be that they are signed to Joan Jett’s record label (yes, the “I Love Rock And Roll” Joan Jett) delivered a killer show. The people who turned up seemed to be great fans as they jumped around and showed sincere appreciation for the band’s passionate performance.

Nina Diaz floats from beautiful and melodic (on “El Monte”) to at times snarling and grungy (on “Static Mind”), singing with the attitude of Gwen Stefani and the raggedness of an old Cyndi Lauper. As Girl In A Coma is a three-piece punk- and grunge- influenced band, the urge to call them a female Green Day is almost uncontrollable. But Nina’s crazy and entertaining facial expressions as she sings and hops around the stage, shredding her six-string, conjure up Billy Joe Armstrong even more. With the attitude they give off, the band will undoubtedly shun comparisons to anyone, but there sure are worse roads than Green Day’s to go down.

The trio poured all their energy into their show for over an hour, including a hugely applauded encore. They played old songs off their debut record, “Both Before I’m Gone” and new ones from their latest album. Highlights included “Baby Boy,” “Empty Promises,” “Static Mind,” and older tunes, the likes of “Say” and “Clumsy Sky.”

So, tattooed, loud and viciously jamming out rock and roll, Girl In A Coma taught the Highline audience never to underestimate the power and attitude that three girls from San Antonio can deliver and made a striking impression for such a young band.