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What The Press are Saying
about Girl in a Coma’s “Trio B.C.”

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“There’s no debate that frontwoman Nina Diaz, whose lyrics are often inspired by literary heroes Oscar Wilde and Sylvia Plath and delivered with aplomb, is the star of the group. But the indispensable rhythm section of rock ‘n’ roll lifers Jenn Alva, 29, and Phanie Diaz gives the band much of its boisterous charm. Girl in a Coma is the best bet to put San Antonio back on the charts as the trio of young tattooed Latinas deliver their hybrid of propulsive punk rhythms and edgy pop melodies with refreshing enthusiasm.” AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN

“Girl in a Coma really hit their stride on the tracks that sound more like the work of hardcore Moz fans, from the upbeat sugar rush of “In The Day” to the bittersweet pop hooks of “Pink Lemonade” and swooning majesty of “Trail.” 4 out of 5 stars!!! ALTERNATIVE PRESS MAGAZINE

Trio B.C. finds Girl in a Coma full of swagger and in fine form with tracks like “Ven Cerca,” featuring Nina crooning Spanish lyrics with a snarl.” BILLBOARD

“The “Coma” girls come across self-assured and in total possession of their sound throughout Trio B.C. They’re asserting their Latin identity while staking their claim as an utterly American rock act.” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“Nina Diaz’s expressive tremble deserves bronzing. The frontwoman for diverse Texan rock trio Girl in a Coma is one of indie’s – scratch that, the world’s – most distinctive, emotive singers.” THE DAILY NEWS

“The truth is, Girl in a Coma sound like no one but themselves. They’re distinguished by Diaz’s powerful yet soothingly tuneful vocals, but her soaring lamentations are pushed farther into the heavens by her sister Phanie Diaz’s stomping drums and Jenn Alva’s exhilirating bass lines. LA WEEKLY

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Following on the heels of the first tejano-inspired guitar notes of “BB,” Nina Diaz’s soulful voice grabbed us, then proceeded to kick us in the ass on the singalong-worthy “Static Mind.” PHILLYIST.COM

“The trio has now proven themselves capable of evolving their sound and simply getting more passionate and powerful in their musical execution.” ABOUT.COM

Trio B.C. proves this band has done its homework as they’ve traveled the road. Sophisticated rock guitar work and smooth, yet slightly fierce, vocals (think Siouxie Sioux) show these girls are here for the long haul.” YRB MAGAZINE

Trio B.C. is already one of the best releases of the Summer and is sure to make the top album lists of 2009. What I dig about the song “El monte” is that proves once and for all that Girl in a Coma is indeed the Latina reincarnation of The Smiths.” AUSTIN VIDA MAGAZINE

Trio B.C. is a richly textured document of alternative pop and ear-piercing punk, with slight hints of country, Latin music and shoegaze adding to the fun. Trio B.C. is nothing short of fierce.” HOUSTON PRESS

Ven Cerca is seductive in its grinding tempo and rasp. By the time the song quietly withdraws from its wrathful rock, Girl In a Coma conclude their case that the ear-pleasing chord changes and vocals at the musical root of Trio B.C. can truly wake the half-dead.” ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY

Trio B.C. is a huge leap forward for the band, showing off polish, maturity, and measure. As their shows grow in crowd size, as Nina opens up, possessed on stage, as Jenn and Phanie blow out your ear drums, as their popularity swarms, Girl in a Coma is still the punk rock band from San Antonio that will break your face, while Nina D.’s voice will break your heart.” FEMINIST REVIEW.COM

Photo credit: Adam Stockstill
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“Girl in a Coma was incredibly versatile transitioning flawlessly from heart-wrenching ballad, to punk rock riot, to a Sublime-like jump jam, and back again. The magical charm these girls have on stage would rival any spell cast by The Power of Three.” CAMPUS PHILLY

“With erratic vocal gymnastics, Nina shrieked, screamed and sang with a more than able voice. This girl group turned out a show that should have left quite the musical imprint on the developing minds of the next generation and pave the way for Girl in a Coma to be the rock stars they are meant to be.” DALLAS VOICE

“Frontwoman and songwriter Nina Diaz possesses a powerhouse voice with a range that rivals rock's all-time greats. Her sultry, rich singing is an accomplishment unto itself, but she also excels at throat-scratching grit, mixing the two styles together as naturally as chocolate and peanut butter.” THE PITCH WEEKLY

“Even more visceral and self-assured than the act's impressive debut, Trio B.C. is a powerful, stripped-down record that kicks from beginning to end. Songs like "Static Mind" and "Slaughter Lane" recall Social Distortion in the way that they blend roots-rock twang and punk venom, while a softer side emerges on ballads like "Pink Lemonade" and "Trail.” WESTWORD

The Writing is tight, the song structure is straight-up rock, and lead singer/guitarist Nina Diaz will blow you away with her huge, energizing vocals.” UNRATED MAGAZINE