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An Interview Nina Diaz of Girl in a Coma
October 4, 2010 by Editor
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Girl in a Coma has a sound that grabs you. They’ve made a bold move and succeeded where many bands have stumbled by releasing a series of three EPs of cover tunes on 7-inch vinyl in April. Now, Girl in a Coma is making the tracks available on CD October 19th, 2010. The new Adventures in Coverland album will include the original seven critically acclaimed EP tracks plus three new tracks.

Nina Diaz took a few moments to speak with me while on their current tour. I’m looking forward to seeing them perform during their stop in Providence, RI on October 5th.

Photo by Adam Stockstill
Type 3 Media: What made Girl in a Coma decide to record an album almost entirely of covers?

Nina Diaz: After we released Trio B.C. on Blackheart Records we wanted to do something to keep it alive and show our influences before we release our third full-length album of originals. We came up with the idea of tackling some artists that we’ve been influenced by during our whole musical careers. It’s a random list, but I guess it shows our eclectic sound. There’s punk, there’s rockabilly, and there’s soft music. We just decided to do this in the meantime for our fans before we release our third album.

T3M: How did you decide on which songs to cover?

ND: Each of us had our list of groups we wanted to do, ranging from Elvis to Rufus Wainwright to Radiohead. These artists, we all love them. And, they just happened to be the best ones that we could pull off and make them our own, and hopefully not butcher them at all. It came easy, at first I would listen to them, then rearranged it, then somehow the girls wouldn’t even listen to the original songs while they were writing their parts. We just tackled it like it was a new song we were writing. All of these songs just happen to fit with our sound.

T3M: How did you get Robert Rodriguez to direct your video for Bowie’s “As The World Falls Down”?

ND: We met Robert during SXSW because he was interested in using one of our songs in his movie Machete, which is out in theaters now. The song is called “Yo Oigo.” While we were meeting and talking about that, he was hanging out at all of our shows. As we were playing, he was filming. He surprised us and said “I cut all of the footage together and put it to “As The World Falls Down”, so you can use this to put up as a video.” Of course we wanted to. It was a nice surprise. We didn’t even know he was trying to make a video.

T3M: What has the response been so far to having your song in the movie?

ND: The fans we have already are really excited for us. The way it’s arranged in the movie is that it’s stretched out, and we put orchestra behind it. The song plays during the fight scene at the end of the movie. The original version of it is going to be released on October 19th on our CD version of Adventures in Coverland. It also has an acoustic version of our song “BB.”

T3M: You’re signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records; how did that relationship begin?

ND: A couple years back we did a pilot episode for a show called Jammin on SiTV. It was following several bands. At the end of it we were playing in New York, and we were to meet an idol who would come and give advice. It turned out to be Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna. They came into the room while we were practicing for a show at the Knitting Factory. Then they actually came to the show and Joan Jett introduced the band onstage. After we played, she talked to us and asked if we would like to be on her label. It’s kind of like a fairy-tale story that every band wants to have. We’re very grateful that it happened that way, and that she had faith in us when we didn’t have any following at all. Now it’s grown so much thanks to her help.

T3M: How is the tour going so far?

ND: It’s good. It’s just a two week tour, a quick run.

T3M: Any closing thoughts?

ND: I hope people are able to come to our shows and check us out.