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Girl in a Coma
By Saby Reyes-Kulkarni
published: July 02, 2009
Michael Rubenstein

It's quite fitting that both Joan Jett and Morrissey were instantly impressed with Girl in a Coma. (The former signed them; the latter invited them to open for him.) Like those two icons, but to an even greater degree, Girl in a Coma keeps part of its sound planted in crunching punk 'n roll and the other in dreamy pop. Frontwoman and songwriter Nina Diaz possesses a powerhouse voice with a range that rivals rock's all-time greats. Her sultry, rich singing is an accomplishment unto itself, but she also excels at throat-scratching grit, mixing the two styles together as naturally as chocolate and peanut butter. Diaz allegedly knocked her two bandmates dead with her singing and songwriting abilities at the ripe old age of 12. Now that she's 21, the wisdom and craft in her songs still belie her age. The band appears with new album Trio B.C. in tow.