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Coma Talk with GIRL IN A COMA
By Michael Shinafelt

Girl in a Coma, if the name of this San Antonio based female rock band brings to mind Morrissey's song "Girlfriend in a Coma" there is a reason for that, the name of the band is a tribute to one of "The Girl's" many influences.

Their debut album is titled Both "Before I'm Gone" the first single is "Clumsky Sky".

"The Girls" consist of Nina Diaz on vocals, her sibling Phanie Diaz on drums and in the house with us bass player Jenn Alva!

MS: How cool is it to be on Joan Jett's indie label Blackheart Records?

JA: It's the best, it does not get any better, we are very lucky!

MS: I got my first black eye at the age of 40 at a Joan Jett concert this past November. Some guy pounced on me out of nowhere and I shoved him and he punched me in the eye!

JA: Wow! I would have done the same thing you did though, when you were telling me the story my eyebrows got all clenched I was mad for you too.

MS: I really dig the video for your song "Road to Home".

JA: Nina came up with the concept, the video is not what the song is about, the song is about us going on tour and we come home. The video has Amanda Lepore onstage lip-synching the song and us in the audience watching as well as Joan Jett and this scruffy guy. The scruffy guy transforms into a woman and at the end he is the one lip-synching onstage.

MS: It is really effective and eye catching.

JA: For our first video to have all this going for us is really great!

MS: Your debut CD is really great, what fascinates me are the different influences from song to song on it, for example "Road to Home" has a country influence then "I'll Ask Him" has a 50's do whop kind of kick.

JA: Exactly! We have our core sound and then we always add a little twist to it, Nina goes through phases of different types of music she is into, which is great because then the songs have variety. She sits down with an acoustic guitar and writes the songs, then we come in and put our own parts down.

MS: Tell us a little bit about your release "Both Before I'm Gone".

JA: The title is a partial quote from James Dean; the actual quote is "Both Before I'm Done". Nina likes to change things up a little, like the band title Girl in a Coma being a take off on the Morrissey song "Girlfriend in a Coma". There are four new songs to us on the actual album the rest of them we have been working on for six years.

MS: Dish on what you guys are like when you are not working?

JA: We are real goofballs, we're really silly! We did this TV show for an English speaking Latin station that followed us around so it was very raw. Phanie and I have been best friends forever so we are really stupid together; I like to bug Phanie with the camera a lot. There was this one point in the show where I followed her into a room with the camera and said: "Oh, what a surprise, on the computer again"! We always give her shit because she is always on it, she looks up and tells me to "Shut the Fuck up!" and I tease her and say “Tell me what you are doing?" Her response was too funny, she goes "I don't have to fucking tell you goddamn all the time, this isn't the fucking 'Wonder Years' I don't have to narrate everything!" (laughs) The way she explodes is hilarious!

MS: So does your fan base tend to be more female or male?

JA: It leans a little more towards female, it's funny though cause when the three of us go out guys come up to us and say My girlfriend loves you! The thing is you can tell that they like us too.