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Girl in a Coma Returns, Santana Smokes up

POSTED April, 06 2009

You remember Girl in a Coma? C’mon you ‘member (speaking in George Lopez voice). OK, so if you don’t ‘member, then here’s a refresher: Girl in a Coma is a three-girl rock band (sisters Phanie Diaz and Nina along with friend Jenn Alva) from San Antonio, Texas. Plus, they were featured on Sí TV’s Jammin, where they met their idol Joan Jett. Subsequently, the rock goddess signed the trio to her Blackheart imprint on the spot! Bananas, right?

Which bring me to this: the girls are bizzack! This summer they’ll release a new album Trio B.C., which includes tracks produced by Gabe Collins (U2), Gabriel Gonzalez, Jett and Kenny Laguna. To wet their fans appetite prior to their June release date their record label will offer an exclusive three-song EP, Hiding My Trail, on vinyl (word) and digital. For more info go here.

Speaking of dope rock musicians, the illest to ever pick up a guitar Carlos Santana is going green. Well, he’s always been about his green [yerba], so it comes to no surprise that he’s asking President Obama to legalize marijuana.
He told the press last week: “Legalize marijuana and take all that money and invest it in teachers and in education. You will see a transformation in America.”

He added: "God was cracking up. He thought it was a good joke. So I said, 'OK.' Every time I want to make him laugh I tell him my plans. So we'll see."

Umm, OK?!