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Girl in a Coma bringing back the spirit of rock'n'roll, one fan at a time
July 10, 12:37 PM · Jamie Freedman - SF Music Examiner

Girl in a Coma is probably the most inspiring bands I've come across in awhile. Hailing from San Antonio, these three Latinas have already taken over Texas. Now they're off to conquer the country and they're heading to the west coast next.

I find Girl in a Coma extra inspiring since they are supporters of Girls Rock Camp Austin, Texas, where I first saw them perform. They have won the respect of Joan Jett, who signed them to her label Blackheart Records and Morrissey, who they toured with last year. To me they embody everything that Girls Rock Camp represents: talented female musicians playing straight up, hard rocking music while being true to themselves and having fun.

Girl in a Coma is sisters Nina (vocals/guitars) and Phanie Diaz (drums) and friend Jenn Alva (bass). Phanie and Jenn played together in high school and were always looking for that last link. Little did they know that the it would be Phanie's 12 year old sister Nina. Now, almost a decade later, Girl in a Coma has released their second studio album Trio B.C., named after the Diaz sisters grandfather's band.

I had a chance to catch Nina over the phone while the band was on their way to Philadelphia. I wanted to know what it was like being in a band that represented so much sexually and politically while being a straight up for-the-love-of-the music kind of band. Here are some of the highlights of our chat:

On being an all-girl band, (including a set of sisters) how they get along with each other, and what Girls Rock Camp means to them:
When women work together, it doesn't have to be a competition, there's no point in wasting all that energy. Pretty soon things will start to change in that direction and there will be more unity among women.

On the San Antonio music scene:
San Antonio is the metal-capital of the world! There are so many bands, but not a lot of them make it out of the city since so many break up so quickly. Often they don't get a chance to tour. Pop Pistol is my favorite San Antonio band.

On touring with Morrissey:
Other than super awesome? It was surreal. We idolize Moz (Morrissey's nickname from the fans). The tour taught us a lot about how to open for a larger band, it was like Moz boot camp. We were really intimidated since his fans tend to be really intelligent about music. We also got to eat some really kickass vegetarian food.

On Morrissey's large Latino fan base:
He's a saint in our eyes and heals us with words. He also tries to speak Spanish, which everyone appreciates. It means that he really respects his fans.

On female empowerment and Joan Jett:
Phannie [older sister and drummer] taught me how to play guitar. She looks after me on tour, we get along well. I love female musicians like Poison Ivy (of the Cramps) and Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth). Joan Jett is awesome to work with. She's blunt, raw and real and doesn't want to change our sound. She's also very helpful in production.

On politics:
It just so happens that we have a lot to stand for: we are vegetarians, we are a band with two lesbians, we stand up for things, we are happy to help out and we are happy to ask for help when we need it.

Girl in a Coma will be playing at the Bottom of the Hill next Thursday night, July 16th. Miss Derringer will open.

Also, come support the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp showcase tomorrow, July 11th at the Oakland Metro Opera House where the campers will be playing the songs that they've been writing for the past five days.

From the myspace blog:

The tour, as always, has been amazing. Miss Derringer has been so sweet and great. Fun, great music and sincere sweet folks. What more do you need? Everyshow has been great.. we have the occasional slip up, and the occasional bad sound.. but f*** it... its rock and roll.

The album has been doing great. Critics receiving it well. Some a bit confused of the fact that we didnt choose a genre. but what fun is that? if you like something then play it. simple. don't over analyze.. just listen.