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A Day Late, Never A Dollar Short: SubEx's Girl in a Coma Review

On Sunday evening, I drove out to Dallas with a few lady friends to see the Texas-based threesome, Girl In A Coma. Consisting of Nina Diaz on lead vocals and guitar, Jenn Alva on bass and Phanie Diaz (older sister of Nina) on drums, GIAC creates an interesting mesh up of 90's alt rock and harder punk coupled with a dash of retro duwop. Compare them to Sleater Kinney if you must, but I really think GIAC can hold their own.

Now, back to the concert, both openers (Miss Derringer and Here Holy Spain, a local offering) were disappointing at best. I'd not heard anything about either band before showing up to House of Blues nor do I want to again. Moving on. As the headlining act, GIAC didn't take the stage until 11. By that point, the modest crowd (who seemed to be barely enduring the opening acts much like myself) was ready for the main course. And GIAC served up a mean plate of kick ass! Show standouts included "Ven Cerca" (off their latest disc Trio BC), a Spanish cover song that really wowed with a trippy, fuzzed-out backing track and "Their Cell," a chamber pop sound that was almost drowned out by roaring guitars and Nina's signature howl (think of a purring Winehouse that dissolves into screams ).

My ultimate greatest moment? The crowd sing-a-long that erupted from the very first cord of "Clumsy Sky." Also impressive, these ladies display both a strong and very professional stage presence. Nina can handle a guitar better than most of her male counterparts (I'm talking about on your back, knees bents, guitar held aloft greatness), and Jenn had the best crowd interactions I've ever seen from a bassist. And, Fannie, well it was her birthday, so the fans gave her as much love as possible.

Yes, I give Girl In A Coma two big, fat thumbs up. But, why take my word for it? GIAC will be stopping back through Dallas on July 31st at Sue Ellen's.