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Hype Monitor: Girl in a Coma, Zaza, The Big Pink
8/13/09, 4:51 pm EST

The Band: Girl in a Coma
The Buzz: San Antonio rock trio combine roaring riffs with sugary vocals. They’ve also got a knack for impressing their elders: Morrissey hand-selected them to open for him during his 2007 tour, and they impressed prima punker Joan Jett so much she signed them to her Blackheart Records.
Listen If: You’ve spent your life trying to imagine a middle ground between “Bad Reputation” and “The Boy with the Thorn in His Side.”
Key Track: “Static Mind,” which volleys from sweeping acoustic strum to fitful electric snarl, while vocalist Nina Diaz bellows mightily, “You’re gonna love me!” With that kind of conviction, how could we not?