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Tuesday, 22 February 2011
Bass guitarist JENN ALVA from Texan band GIRL IN A COMA tells EMMA CLARKE about their new album of playful, punkish covers and their experiences as an all female rock trio.

EMMA CLARKE: How did Girl In A Coma originally come to form as a band?

JENN ALVA: We (Phanie Diaz [drums] and I) desperately wanted to start a band again. One day Phanie’s little sister, Nina, showed us a song she wrote. Phanie and I were blown away. We asked her to join and formed Girl In A Coma.

EC: You’re signed to Joan Jett’s record label. Would you say her music and career has influenced GIAC?

JA: Yes, we have all been huge fans of her since we were little kiddos. It started with her unique sound and then her tough attitude. She is an influence on our writing, our stage performance and as women in the music scene.

EC: Jett’s experience as a woman in the rock world has been well-documented. As an all-female trio, do you feel that it still remains more challenging to be female performers in what many see as a male-centric rock scene?

JA: It will forever be segregated until there is a real explosion of female groups. Until then we will do our best to deal with the cons and take advantage of the pros. Pros being, well ... we are a unique breed.

EC: You’ve been touring widely lately. What was the Polish Woodstock experience like?

JA: Polish Woodstock was mind-blowing. It was the biggest crowd we have ever played; we were in front of 500,000 people. I think just seeing us play live and feeling our passion is what makes anyone feel something for us.

EC: How did you go about selecting songs for the Adventures In Coverland release? Was there a particular criteria?

JA: It started out with a list from each one of us. After that we narrowed down the list with songs we thought we could (1) pull off, and (2) make our own. They are all beautiful songs that have shaped us as a band.

EC: What’s next for the band? Will we see an album of originals?

JA: We are working on our fourth album as we speak. We are working hard on this next album and I’m sure it will show progression as musicians and writers.

ADVENTURES IN COVERLAND is out now through Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records. www.girlinacoma.com