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Thursday, May 21, 2009
Girl in a Coma and The Calico Brothers

Girl in a Coma "Trio B.C."
This Texas band, composed of sisters Nina and Phanie Diaz (on vocals and guitar and drums, respectively), and bassist Jenn Alva was launched in 2007 with support from Blackheart Records (Joan Jett's label). The Diaz sisters chose Trio B.C. as the album title because it was the name of their grandfathers tejano band in a the 50s. Nina Diaz vocals really stand out here, like a mix of Jett, Lene Lovich and Chrissie Hynde. The album is full of punk rock energy, great examples of this are "Static Mind" and "Baby Boy." The soulful songs "Vino" and "El Monte" show a maturing band hitting it's stride. The highlight of the album hits with "Pleasure and Pain" full of guitar hooks and harmonies through a crunchy guitar buzz. “Joannie In The City,” the is lone track produced by Joan Jett and is full of aggressive and addictive guitar hooks and a driving bassline that drives the song into your brain. The band takes influences from many sources (new wave, punk, rockabilly) and still pushes through it's Latin identity, most notably on "Ven Cerca." Keep your eyes on these women -- they know how to rock without faking it.