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Take an Adventure Through Coverland with Girl in a Coma
Wednesday April 14, 2010

Yesterday, the ladies of Girl in a Coma launched the first 7" of what will be a 7" set of covers released throughout April.

The band, which has steadily grown in strength, talent and swagger since we first checked in on them with 2007's Both Before I'm Gone, has also become more attentive to their influences. Their 2009 release, Trio B.C., was a reference to one of the band's greatest musical inspirations, Nina and Phanie Dias's grandfather, a drummer whose 1950s Tejano band bore the same name, and the new 7" series, Adventures in Coverland, will also address the band's influences.

Some of the songs reflect the girls' early exposure to music. As Phanie said, "We were raised listening to Patsy Cline, Ritchie Valens and The Beatles. It's very raw, very real music that was the soundtrack to our mom's life." Other artists, like Joy Division, Bowi and the Velvet Underground, reflect the music that Girl in a Coma were inspired by in their teens.

Volume I is out now, you can preview the tracks here, and if you're as taken with it as I am, it's available for download via itunes, or you can order the 7" vinyl through the Blackheart Records store (here).

Girl in a Coma's Adventures in Coverland

Vol I (April 13)
Side One: "Si Una Vez" (orig. by Selena)
Side Two: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (orig. by The Beatles)

Vol II (April 20)
Side One: "Transmission" (orig. by Joy Division)
Side Two: "As The World Falls Down" (orig. by David Bowie)

Vol III (April 27)
Side One: "Come On, Let's Go" (orig. by Ritchie Valens)
"Walkin' After Midnight" (orig. by Patsy Cline)
Side Two: "Femme Fatale" (orig. by The Velvet Underground