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Phillyist Playlist: Girl in a Coma and Miss Derringer at The Khyber

We sort of didn't want to like a band whose name is a blatant rip-off of a Smiths song. Then we slipped Trio B.C. into our CD player and sort of fell in love with Girl in a Coma (MySpace). Following quickly on the heels of the first tejano-inspired guitar notes of "BB," Nina Diaz's soulful voice grabbed us, then proceeded to kick us in the ass on the singalong-worthy "Static Mind." We're not embarrassed to admit we kept pressing repeat when that one came on. And then there's "Baby Boy," which reminded us of something we'd rock out to back in our alt-rock college days. "El Monte" smacks of old-fashioned girl group goodness tinged with a bit of twang, and "In the Day" made us jump up and dance like idiots in our living room.The rest of the album continues in this eclectic vein; each song has a different vibe but every one is worth repeated listens. So we admit it—we were way off base with our initial, superficial assessment of Girl in a Coma. The girls are alright...