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Published Jul 2, 2009
Published Thursday July 2, 2009

Girl In A Coma is forging forward with help of Joan Jett
By Kevin Coffey

A lot of rock ’n’ roll experience has been packed into Nina Diaz.

The Girl in a Coma guitarist and frontwoman wrote her first song at age 12. A year later, she tried out for the band that her sister Phanie and friend Jenn Alva were forming. Despite being eight years their junior, Nina blew them away.

Now 21, she has been in the band for what seems like her whole life.

“I can’t see myself really doing anything else,” Diaz said. “I’ve always wanted to be in a band.”

Now the tattooed trio from San Antonio is releasing a new full-length album, “Trio B.C.” The release is named after the sisters’ grandfather’s band. His picture is underneath Diaz’s on the album cover.

The group is signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records, and the trio even got Jett to sing and produce a few tracks on the new album. Jett sings backup vocals on “Joannie in the City” and the iTunes exclusive “Davey.”

Diaz said it was an amazing experience to work with the veteran rock star.

“She’s really laid back. She was totally ready to do whatever I asked her to do,” Diaz said. “She didn’t want to change anything. Very real. Very raw.”

On tour, the group is mostly performing songs from the new album, with a few older songs mixed in. The band’s fans are already turned on to the new album, and Diaz enjoys watching them from the stage.

“They’re really listening. Some people actually know the lyrics to the new songs,” Diaz said. “It amazes me. ”