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Girl In A Coma Interview
editor / September 3, 2010

The San Antonio-based trio Girl in a Coma, (comprising of sisters Nina and Phanie Diaz and their friend Jenn Alva) were personally selected by Joan Jett for her Blackheart Records label, and they have toured extensively with Morrissey, at the personal invitation of the man who penned the song that inspired their band’s name. The San Antonio trio has been on tour most of the year and has a new CD, Adventures in Coverland, coming out on October 19th. This leg of the tour finds them returning to Columbus on Wednesday, September 8 at the Rumba Café. Catching up with their bassist, Jenn Alva, by phone, she gave outlook: columbus a report from the road.

You’re still on the road: how is treating you and where are you headed to next?

We’re doing well, just got back from the West Coast and doing really good. Today we’re headed to Norman, OK, only about 150 miles, so it’s not a bad ride today. It’s a fun little college town.

How are you traveling? Are you flying?

(Laughs) I wish! Nahh, we’re doing it all in our little van. It has tons of miles on it but we love it.

You’ve played Columbus before, right?

We haven’t been up that way in a long time. Yeah, we played some small place right there in town; I can’t remember the name of it. I do remember Hound Dog’s Pizza, though. We’ll definitely been hitting that up again!

You initially released Adventures in Coverland on three seven-inch vinyl versions and now the three are compiled into one CD, plus three more songs. How did you choose the songs you covered?

We chose the ones we thought we do well and a random selection of artists. Like the Buffalo Springfield song, For What It’s Worth, is redone our way. We tried to mix it up and do some unexpected things. We redid an original song, BB, and tried to do it a bit differently as an acoustic version.

One of your touring partners for this leg is Sick of Sarah, who played our Pride festival this past June. Have you guys done any Pride events this year?

Yeah! The San Antonio festival was a blast! We played it back in 2003, when we were barely getting started, so it was cool to come back and play it this year.

How did the group get together?

I’ve been playing bass and guitar since ’93. At school, Phanie and I bonded over our love for Nirvanna and other bands, and we had so much fun playing together, we decided to put a band together. Her little sister, Nina was right under our noses. We fell in love with her voice and her songwriting. I helped her start off with guitar and it took off from there.

How did the song Yo Oigo wind up being featured in the new Robert Ramirez movie Machete?

He’s from Austin and he had heard of us. We met up at the South by Southwest festival and we started talking. We have common ground in Texas roots and he wanted a song for the movie. Nina showed him the riff and he liked it, so he wound up the using the tune in the movie.

After this leg, which ends in late October, what’s next for Girl in a Coma?

We go home for a week, and then we do more touring on the east coast and Texas until November, then we get to enjoy the holidays and start writing again. Hopefully, we’ll be recording by the beginning of next year.