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Girl In A Coma Wakes Up With New Album

In Section: PRESS Play » Posted By: Jordan Galloway

Girl In A Coma, the bad-ass all-girl rock band from San Antonio, got its start as artists on Joan Jett’s music label. Shortly after, the revamped Runaways comparisons commenced. In terms of talent, we agree, but this tattooed trio has something more than Jett’s guitar and a jail-bait fantasy to fall back on: mystique. Compliments of a ever-changing sound and an attitude to match that leaves us wondering just what Girl In A Coma we’re going to get when the band plays tonight at Terminal 5.

Sisters Nina and Phanie Diaz along with band mate Jenn Alva first came to New York on a tour stop opening for Morrissey, but tonight’s return engagement is all about their new album, Adventures in Coverland. As the title suggests, besides showing the bands affinity for Alice, Girl In A Coma's latest offering is homage to inspirational artists; something singer Nina Diaz says made Adventures an even more personal project; one the group is focusing on not fucking up.

“We had a full list of people from Elvis to Jeff Buckley to Bjork, Billy Holiday,” says Diaz of the original list she narrowed down to the seven that show up on

Adventure. “All of these songs. It’s just such a privilege to play them, and I hope we didn’t butcher them in any way.”

Butcher no. But rearrange absolutely. Girls put their twist to classic tracks like: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by The Beatles, “As the World Falls Down” by David Bowie as well as songs like “Come On, Let’s Go” by Ritchie Valens and Selena’s “Si Una Vez”, which hark back to the San Antonio trio’s Mexican-American roots.

“I think how random all the songs are together explains how we are,” Diaz says. “We get a lot of times where people don’t know what to call us, which is a great compliment because you don’t want to be held to just one style. We did this to kind of I guess make things even more confusing.”