Return to Girl In A Coma


After recording a demo at a friend’s house, San Antonio-based Girl in a Coma embarked on a series of dates throughout the Southwest in 2004. That first demo was passed along and made its way to Morrissey songwriting partner/guitarist Boz Boorer, who was so impressed by the all-girl group that he offered to produce another demo if they could make their way to his place in London. “Somehow, we got the money together, borrowing from friends,” says singer Nina Diaz, “so we went to London for a week and recorded. All he asked for was a copy of our first CD.”

Following that experience, Girl in a Coma continued to work their fan base via shows and MySpace. Later that year, upstart Latino-based cable network Si TV found the band on MySpace while scouting for performers to feature in a new documentary series. asked if they could follow us around for a couple of months, and it sounded like good exposure,” says Diaz. “As part of the show, they flew us to New York to perform at a showcase. Once we were there, we found out that Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna were going to be there. As soon as we got off the stage, we saw they were very excited. The first thing they said was, ‘We really want to work with you.’”

In November 2006, the girls signed with Jett’s Blackheart Records. The terms are for the debut CD with an option for the future. “They paid for everything, and are providing for the tour as much as possible,” Diaz says. “It was a very basic agreement which we all understood. We had a friend who is a lawyer look it over, but it was really very simple.”

After employing a series of pals as ad hoc managers, Faith Radie, one of the Si TV producers, now functions as manager for Girl in a Coma. It seems as though the band has made a lot of good friends, on which Diaz comments, “If you know you have something, don’t be ashamed to ask for help.”

––Brett Bush