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If you're a die-hard lover of music, most likely you are a fan of a band or two that are under the radar, bands that aren't house hold names (yet) or you have to worry about standing in line for 12 hours in hopes of scoring a nosebleed ticket. For the price of a weeks worth of Starbucks coffee, you can go to a small club and have the time of your life. Girl in a Coma is that type of band. Three women from Texas that rock!

They've opened for the likes of Morrissey and Social Distortion, and they are currently on a headlining tour which you should not miss. We caught up with bassist Jenn Alva recently... check out the interview below:

Musipix: Congratulations on the new CD "Trio BC"...the style of “Trial BC” seems to be a little less raw than “ Both Before I'm Gone” you’re debut CD. Was that by design?

Jenn: The “I’m Gone”songs were all songs from 6 to 7 years ago. I think our new record shows our progression as musicians. It's what we've been wanting to do and certainly, whatever we're listening to seeps in too.

Musicpix: The only thing that frustrated me after seeing you was the first time was that you only had one CD to draw material from and I wanted a longer show. What songs on the new CD translate well live?

Jenn: "Static Mind" is doing really well and we do a love song called "El Monte" and fans are really getting into that one too. We were in Texas recently and the album has only been out a week and half or so and people already knew the lyrics so that was awesome. Made our day...

Musicpix: Since you mentioned "El Monte" off the new CD...I can envision it being played at weddings for many years to come. What's the story behind that song?

Jenn: Yeah, it's a personal experience for Nina. We were talking about that....I guess it could be played at weddings but the ending kind of messes everything up...[laughs] But I think it's more like reality.

Musicpix: [Laughing] unfortunately, it’s probably true for a lot of relationships.

Musicpix: You've only been a band for a few years but you've toured extensively with some pretty heavy hitters...Morrissey and Social Distortion to name a couple. These are two bands that have die-hard and loyal fan bases. How has your live show been received by them?

Jenn: We were nervous about those concerts because it's two very different audiences. Although we may be influenced by both bands, you never know what to expect. Especially Morrissey because they are very particular...luckily we came on his tour at a good time and they genuinely like us... As for Social Distortion, that was another one because it could go either way. Should we play these slower songs and we said f@C! it, let's just play them. Whatever happens happens and it went over really well too so we were lucky.

Musicpix: Musically tastes evolve over time. Have you seen the band's musical taste or direction change?

Jenn: Yeah like I said, whatever we’re listening to at the time influences us. I think every band should be like that...we are influenced constantly. You keep your same core but there’s nothing wrong with writing a song that is completely different from what you're used to. We do try to think outside the box and expand our mind.

Musicpix: Some artists take themselves pretty seriously...they want to change the world or some just want to have fun or some just for the money. Does Girl In a Coma have an intrinsic reason for being?

Jenn: Absolutely. In all honesty, it just makes us happy. We enjoy what we do. We love to play and we love to tour. We love writing new songs. Everything…we adore it. Our goal is to keep putting out albums and touring. As long as we can profit a little bit so we can keep doing what we love to do, that's what we want. Every band should be that way. If not, they aren’t in it for the right reasons.

Musicpix: Does the band have an ultimate goal to play stadiums one day or just happy playing smaller clubs? Is there a vision of where the band will go?

Jenn: Yeah, there’s a place in San Antonio called Sunken Gardens Theater and it's got a really good vibe. That would be a goal because it's in our home town. Luckily, we enjoy both. We enjoy playing theaters and we enjoy playing hole in the wall bars because the energy is just amazing.

Musicpix: Being an "all girl band," have you found any stereotypes that you've had to overcome?

Jenn: Yeah, of course! It's 2009 and things have opened up a bit for female musicians but there’s always going to be that same problem like there is in any similar subject. For the most part, me and the girls have it easy. A lot of people respect us. It's not just being all girls...two thirds of the band are lesbians. We take what we have and we're not negative about any of it. We’ve got different angles to work with.

Musicpix: And that can be a good gives you a broader perspective than many…

Musicpix: I particularly like the video from “Clumsy Sky” from the first CD. How involved does the band get with production?

Jenn: The majority of the videos are directed by Jim Mendiola. He's a great guy and we love working with him. We’ll sit down and brainstorm together. Initially he'll ask us what we think or see for a song and we share our ideas. It's a really good relationship. The videos that will be coming out soon, they’re different than the last. This album has a lot of influences and especially Nina’s and we wanted to roll with that. “Static Mind” is a little more random and “El Monte” is a love triangle… a little love story. It's just a pleasure to work with Jim. He's a buddy of ours.

Musicpix: Didn't Nina have a relative that was involved in “Clumsy Sky?”

Jenn: Yeah, her step-father is in Clumsy Sky... he was the bartender.

The Band

Nina Diaz-Vocals
Phanie Diaz-Drums
Jenn Alva-Bass
Both Before I'm Gone -2007
Trio B.C.-2009

The Tour

Jun 16 2009 The Red and Black 21+ w/ Miss Derringer WASHINGTON, Washington DC
Jun 17 2009 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun 18 2009 Brighton Bar Long Branch, New Jersey
Jun 19 2009 Highline Ballroom New York, New York
Jun 20 2009 Iron Horse Northampton, Massachusetts
Jun 21 2009 Harpers Ferry Allston, Massachusetts
Jun 23 2009 Bernie’s Distillery Columbus, Ohio
Jun 24 2009 The Pike Room Pontiac, Michigan
Jun 25 2009 Radio Radio Indianapolis, Indiana
Jun 26 2009 National Museum of Mexican Art-Chicago, Illinois
Jun 27 2009 The Back Bar Janesville, Wisconsin
Jun 29 2009 MILWAUKEE SUMMERFEST Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jul 1 2009 7tth Street Entry Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jul 2 2009 The Waiting Room Omaha, Nebraska
Jul 3 2009 The Riot Room Kansas City, Missouri
Jul 4 2009 80/35 Music Festival Des Moines, Iowa
Jul 6 2009 3 Kings Tavern Denver, Colorado
Jul 7 2009 American Legion Casper, Wyoming
Jul 8 2009 Burt’s Tiki Lounge Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 9 2009 Neurolux Boise, Idaho
Jul 10 2009 El Corazon Seattle, Washington
Jul 11 2009 Doug Fir Lounge Portland, Oregon
Jul 13 2009 Lost On Main Chico, California
Jul 14 2009 The Fire Escape Bar Citrus Heights, California
Jul 15 2009 The Blank Club San Jose, California
Jul 16 2009 Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco, California
Jul 17 2009 Alex’s Bar Long Beach, California
Jul 18 2009 The Knitting Factory Hollywood, California
Jul 21 2009 Casbah San Diego, California
Jul 22 2009 Beauty Bar 21 Las Vegas, Nevada
Jul 23 2009 Hollywood Alley 21 Mesa, Arizona
Jul 24 2009 Plush 21 Tucson, Arizona
Jul 25 2009 Zeppelins Underground El Paso, Texas
Jul 30 2009 The Khabele School/ Girls Rock Camp Show. Austin, Texas
Jul 31 2009 Sue Ellen’s/ Vixen Lounge Dallas, Texas
Aug 6 2009 MICHIGAN WOMYN’S FEST Oceana County, Michigan
Aug 14 2009 Somarts/Homo A GoGo/Queer Arts Fest San Francisco, California