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Sia + Girl in a Coma – Club Soda – Friday, April 30th, 2010
May 1, 2010 in Show Reviews

Last night Montreal’s Club Soda played host to Australian born singer/songwriter Sia and San Antonio, Texas’ Girl in a Coma. You could say that there was a lot of excitement surrounding this show as it was completely sold out, and with the crowd buzzing in anticipation the house lights when off and the crowd began to cheer loudly; something that would become a common occurrence throughout the night.

First on the bill was Girl in a Coma, the rocking all-girl three piece from Texas. After hearing so many good things about their live shows and getting a chance to chat with the band’s lead singer Nina Diaz, it was really exciting to see them perform, and they did not dissapoint. Their performance was solid, and the eager crowd ate up everything the girls played for them. Jenn and Phanie’s performance on drums and bass were fun to watch, but it was Diaz’s voice that really shook the crowd. While there are a lot of singers out there with unique voices, Diaz had a signature yell like none I have ever heard before. Set highlights were “In the Day” and “Pink Lemonade”, which really got the crowd going, while the slower “Vino” drew them in like a hug. In short, Girl in a Coma set the stage perfectly for the night’s headliner.

For Sia’s performance the stage was transformed into a supercalafragilistic wonderland of knitted marvels. Everything (and I mean everything) was covered in colors and textures of all sorts. The mic stand, the amps, the keyboards and the wall all had enormous, beautifully knit covers, which created a truly unique environment. So it wasn’t surprising when Sia emerged onto the stage clad in an extravagant striped yellow and orange poofy dress, and later came out with her ‘bubble wings’, which looked like a jet-pack, that blew bubbles into the crowd.

Sia’s energy and spunk was simply intoxicating, and her charisma and personality are like none I have ever seen before. Not only does she interact with the crowd, but she makes each individual audience member feel like they are getting a personal show all to themselves. No matter where you were standing or sitting, there was a sense of intimacy and closeness. Sia played exactly what the crowd wanted to hear, and songs like “Bubbles” and the super-hit “Breathe Me” drove them wild with satisfaction. “Clap Your Hands”, which is the latest single from her forthcoming album, We Are Born, was also very well received. She also did a cover of Madonna’s “Oh Father”, which I thought was even better than the original version.

Sia’s on-stage antics were hilarious. From conversations beginning with the question “who here has done coke?” to a bit on child sacrifice, she had us all in stitches (not that drugs and child sacrifice are things to be scoffed at!). Her stage banter alone made the show a success but it was her voice that truly blew the audience away. Sia’s voice is powerful enough on record, but live it is a whole new animal. She may not be very big physically, but this lady has one serious set of vocal chords. By the end of the show it was obvious why this show sold out. Plain and simple, Sia knows how to bring it. – Amelia Robitaille