Return to Girl In A Coma



December 5th, 2011

With the name obviously inspired by the Smith’s song “Girlfriend in a Coma,” I was wondering if this was going to be another band relying on props and gimmicks and not really much talent. But I recalled that I had caught the band a long time ago opening for someone. When and where was the question. I do remember they were good, so I hit the Echoplex on Friday night to join the long line of many Latina female fans. The Mexican-American trio of sisters Nina (vocals/guitar) and Phanie Diaz (drums) and long-time friend Jenn Alva (bass) have opened for the Go-Gos, Morrissey—that must have made their day—Frank Black, the Pogues, Social Distortion and Tegan and Sara. Hailing from San Antonio, the girls are pushing through a few barriers. As Alva recently said on CNN, they have a lot on their plate. They are Latinas and 2/3 of the band is gay. On tour with their new album Exits And All the Rest on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records, the girls put away any doubt in my head whether they had talent or not. They ROCK! Nina Diaz is a perfect frontwoman, but she doesn’t take up the spotlight. The group is a solid unit on stage.

—Debi Del Grande