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Wide Awake

Vocalist Nina Diaz, of the smokin’ hot all-female band Girl in a Coma, discusses the band’s debut CD, Both Before I'm Gone, and performing at L.A. Pride.

By Lawrence Ferber

IN Los Angeles: Your lyrics tend to be sexually ambiguous. Is this on purpose?

Nina Diaz: I'm the main writer of the lyrics, and I guess I don't really have a plan when I write.
Sometimes I just write stories. I eavesdrop a lot on people's conversations, and I don't like to gossip so I guess the only method for me to gossip is through lyrics. I don't intentionally mean to place “him” or “her.” I guess whatever subconsciously is in the back of my mind comes out.

You met Joan Jett [Girl in a Coma records on Jett’s Blackhearts label] while filming Jammin' [the Sí TV documentary series about up and coming Latino bands]. What was that like?

I was pretty excited. I mean, my jaw dropped and I was like, “Oh my God, it's Joan Jett.” I was very shaky and nervous because I knew she was going to sit down and watch us. I even get nervous when my mom watches, and here's Joan Jett! And after I started playing, her eyes were so piercing and intense and it kind of made me feel calm and intimidated at the same time. After I played and she talked to us it was very comfortable.

Was Jenn [Alva, the band’s openly lesbian bassist] like, “Oh she's so hot” about Joan?

Joan is very attractive. She's very tough and she has this persona about her that is just like, wow, you want to be around her. But Jenn wasn't all perverted around her, she was very respectful, very cool.

Does being in a band help get girls? Does Jenn have groupies?

Not that I've seen. After shows we just hang out with people, but nothing Mötley Crew-style, like, yeah, let's go to the back and have sex and do drugs!

You're performing at Los Angeles Gay Pride. Excited?

Yeah, I have a lot of gay friends and Jenn is gay, so it's exciting. I get to meet a lot of people, and I'm definitely a fag hag. It's a good environment, and you know they want to dance and have fun… great energy. And I heard Tiffany was going to play, so I'm looking forward to seeing that and all those old school acts.

Have you played Gay Prides before?

Yes, we played a Gay Pride in San Antonio maybe the first year we started. That was a lot of fun. We have a strong gay fan base and that's great and kind of makes us feel stronger knowing they're open about [being queer] like, “I know who I am.” It's how we are—we're female musicians, we don't give a fuck, we're going to rock. We're Latina and we don't care.
Putting us down brings us up.

You've been compared to Morrissey a few times, and Morrissey gets thrown a whole lot of flowers when he performs in concert. Do you want flowers, too?

Every girl would love some flowers.

Girl in a Coma will perform at L.A. Pride on Saturday, June 9, at 3:20 p.m. on the WaMu Main Stage. For more information, visit