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Girl In A Coma: Trio B.C.
Posted on Friday, June 12, 2009 7:53 AM

You don't need a big band for surf-tinged garage rock. Girl In A Coma from San Antonio, TX, keep one eye on the volume (loud) and another on the hooks (catchy). Singer ang guiar player Nina Diaz sounds confident, channeling the cool of Kim Deal and the lyric imagery of PJ Harvey. Her sister Phanie has a no-prisoners grip of her drum kit and Jenn Alva leads the way with rock solid bass parts.

Their sophomore album Trio B.C. is released on Blackheart Reords, the label founded by Joan Jett, who has a vocal part and some guitar on Joanie In The City. It's a nice gesture, but the girls don't need her help really. They are like late fifties car, slick, cool and quite capable of burning rubber, heading for the horizon.