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Here is my new favorite band, Girl In A Coma. They appeared on Spread. Their album has received the Editor's Music Choice honor on iTunes and for once, a music editor has it right! If you like the band, buy the whole album, not only to support the band... butto add a great album to your library. - Dave Navarro



“Within the first few seconds of the first song, “Clumsy Sky,” on the San Antonio trio Girl in a Coma’s debut album, Both Before I’m Gone (on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records), singer-guitarist Nina Diaz has already introduced herself as a charismatic singer with a big, beautiful voice that’s somewhere between the maternal comfort of Chrissie Hynde and the ghostly power of Siouxsie Sioux.” - LA Weekly

“And in the band's music, there's a lovely touch of the restrained dada that the Pixies pioneered, the headlong energy of Sleater-Kinney and the playful vintage rock and pop melodies of classic girl groups of the 1960s.” - Tucson Weekly

“The song that won me over was “Their Cell.” With lyrics like “tattooed lovers/they don’t like to reminisce,” this track is a throwback to both The Smiths and The Pretenders. Band members (sisters Nina Diaz and Phanie D, and childhood chum Jenn Alva) perform every song with a simple intimacy that announces rock and roll isn’t dead.” - Feminist Review magazine

“Singer Nina Diaz has a voice that makes you get your elbows off the bar and pay attention. Forget those bands in the glossy mags. Girl in a Coma blows 'em away.” - The Pitch

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“the all-female, Latina trio put plenty of spit-polished guitar and intimidating atmospherics into their silver-throated sound, elements that pricked the ears of riot godmamma Joan Jett and got them signed last year to her label, Blackheart Records. They've just released Both Before I'm Gone, a slickly produced but smartly executed collection of dreamy, anthemic hard rock that sounds like what Throwing Muses might have committed to tape if they had bigger budgets.” - Seattle Weekly


“I’m a virgin when it came to “Girl in a Coma” ( ) and therefore the perfect creature to be purified and converted by these new Goddesses of Rock’n’Roll and their mad rush of a thundering songs.” - Buzzine Magazine


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“But then comes a song like "Sybil Vane Was Ill," which snarls and snakes its way to a pumped-up chorus. Or "In the Background," with its chipper hand-claps and Diaz’s warbling Corin Tucker impersonation. Or "Say," the album's standout track. Slicing guitars. Pulse-racing beats. A hint of new wave and general panic.” - Las Vegas City Life


“Tracks like “Celibate Now” and “Mr. Chivalry” introduce the band as a powerhouse on the music scene, and the album proves through inspired, body-moving tracks that there will be many more worthy records where this one came from.” - Bust Magazine



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“Her guitar playing is just as much Cure-like as it is Marr-velous on “In the Background,” and her sister-drummer Phanie Diaz and bassist Jenn Alva also stir up some exhilaratingly doomy Joy Division–style patterns. Nina’s supremely confident keening turns “Road to Home” into a pure-pop gem, and she confides enigmatically that “Tattooed lovers don’t like to reminisce” on the pretty jangle “Their Cell.” - LA Weekly

“The album captures the raw energy of the band, while also spotlighting Nina’s innate melodicism and mysterious, code-language lyrics.” - San Antonio Current

”To say the ladies are charming is an understatement -- they have beauty, brains and all the gumption one would expect from a sassy Texas trio. Still, it’s their music -- loud and clear alternative rock that has been compared to The Smiths, The Pixies, and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs -- that takes center stage.” -


"Their music is really interesting, intense, catchy rock 'n' roll. They were different, melodic. I'm a melody freak. I like guitar hooks and vocal hooks. I like to champion girls when I can." - Joan Jett