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Clear your “Static Mind” for Girl in a Coma
By Melanie Granado


| Published: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Updated: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photo by Melanie Granado

Lead singer and guitarist Nina Diaz of Girl in a Coma performs with the group on April 3 at the House of Rock.
Local venue and bar, The House of Rock, brings bands from far and near to their stage and on April 3, San Antonio-based Girl In A Coma came to town and gave Corpus Christi a show worth far more than the $10 ticket.

The all-girl trio – Nina Diaz on guitar and lead vocals, Jenn on bass guitar and Phanie on drums – brought an amazing high-energy set, proving themselves to be versatile and passionate.

The technicolored lights hit Diaz’s face and she released the first lyrics of the track “Baby Boy,” piercing everyone’s ears and all at once the still crowd began moving to the music.

From high-tempo, toe-tapping jams like “Static Mind” to slower tracks “Ven Cerca,” the crowd seemed pleased with the group and unlike most concerts, the audience of about 60 consisted of a large spectrum of people.

Band members managed to bring together people of all types and ages who enjoyed their music.

At times, it seemed as it the audience was mesmerized by the passionate sound leaving Diaz’s lungs and filling the room. Her voice ranged from a high-pitched melody to deep, soulful and sultry.

As if feeding off the crowd, the set grew more intense as it progressed. Playing a 12-track set, the band members played songs from their album “Trio B.C.” and their soon-to-be-released albums.

Whether one had previously heard this trio on CD or vinyl before seeing them live, the energy they gave exceeded anything that could have been anticipated.

Leaving the stage drenched with sweat, Girl In A Coma members left the audience wanting more.

None of the audience members left disappointed with the performance and one would guess most will be back to see Girl In A Coma in concert.