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Q & A time with lesbian rock trio Girl In A Coma

I had the privelage of interviewing an AMAZING all girl band that is leaving their mark on the music world. Meet Girl Im A COMA. This rock trio is coming out of San Antonio Texas and has just released their new album Adventures In Coverland.

Bio: Girl in a Coma is a band with impeccable pedigree. The San Antonio-based trio (comprising of sisters Nina and Phanie Diaz and their friend Jenn Alva) were cherry picked by Joan Jett for her Blackheart Records label, and have toured extensively with Morrissey, at the personal invitation of the man who penned the song that inspired their name. It’s perhaps therefore fitting that GIAC’s Adventures In Coverland pays homage to the genealogy of their much-vaunted sound.

The title of their last album, Trio B.C., is a reference to one of the band’s greatest influences, Nina and Phanie’s grandfather, a drummer whose 1950s Tejano band was the source of the CD’s title. With Adventures in Coverland, GIAC delve further into the band’s collective musical history, recording their own versions of classic songs that helped shape the sonic core of Trio B.C., a record which prompted Alternative Press Magazine to rave that the band had “really hit their stride” and Billboard to enthuse that the ladies were “full of swagger and in fine form.”

The Femme: Tell us about Girl In A Coma. Where did the name Girl In A Coma come from? How did the three of you meet and when did you decide to pursue a career in the music industry?

Phanie: Girl In A Coma came from the Smith’s song Girlfriend In A Coma. Jenn and I (Phanie) met in 94 and Nina is my lilttle sister. Jenn and I started a punk band in the mid 90s but it wasn’t until 2000 that we formed Girl In A Coma with Nina . We loved her voice.

TF: Your album Adventures In Coverland debuted last month. Which song do you all like the most off the album and how did you all decide on the album name?

Phanie: I think right now we are all loving Si Una Vez by Selena. Jenn came up with the album art first…leading to the name Adventures in Coverland. Since we originally were going to release it on vinyl..Jenn thought of a way to get people to buy all three. If you get all three volumes the cover combines to form a board game. Now you can get the cd with a smaller version.

TF: How would you describe your bands sound and who are some artist who influence you guys?

Phanie: There is so much genre calling these’s silly. We just say rock and roll. We are influenced by our city and all kinds of music from the 20s till now. We go everywhere. Good music is just that.

TF: Tell us about the first time Girl In A Coma played live together. How did you feel and do you remember the first song you guys played?

Phanie: It would be in 2003 at a venue in San Antonio called Sin13. The first original song we have played as a band was a song called a Stolen. Our set list was probably 6 songs in length. We were so nervous!

TF: Let’s talk about your of “For What Its Worth.” The meaning of your song on your album was in reference to the laws passed in Arizona allowing authorities to id Mexican residents whenever they feel its necessary. How do you feel about the laws passed?

Phanie: It’s silly really. We are all immigrants. If you wanna solve the problem then we need to help where the problem is. If immigrants are coming to American for a better life.. then we should help their country to become stronger so there won’t be a need to come here. Instead of sending people to fight in countries where most of the time it’s not needed. America is becoming really selfish. Eventually its going to bite us in the ass and we may need each other when the time really counts. The world should work together..not against.

TF: How do you guys feel about the bullying and suicides that have been taking place in the LGBT community? Have you ever had to deal with bullying and if so, how did you handle it?

Phanie: Its horrible! Noone has the right to pick on someone because they are different or gay. I was picked on,as was Jenn but instead of letting them get to me..we reminded ourselves that we had each others friendship and that there are always people out there who will get you. You’re never ever alone. We all go through the same things. May be a different situation..but the same feelings are involved. No one is above anyone. Not the churches who go around saying being gay is a sin, not even people in government or power. What matters is you and what makes you happy. Bullies are just people with lots of insecurities. Its just a feeling of power that temporarily make them feel better. like a drug. but by not giving in you’re actually the one in total control. Your outcome will always be positive. May not feel like it then and there..but you are.

TF: Name a few artist you enjoy listening to currently. What’s your favorite song on the radio at the moment?

Phanie: La Roux, The Gossip, MEN, Tegan and Sara, Metric…those are all some faves right now. We tend to always go back to the 50s and 60s though!

TF: Will you all be touring in 2011 and when can we expect your next album to come out?

Phanie: O yes…mid to the end of 2011 we are going touring crazy!! and we are working on our new album early next year with some surprises!