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These girls could put anyone in a coma with their powerful tunes
San Antonio band made it big and made great music
By: Brittney Serrioz
Posted: 5/9/07

Girl In A Coma reminds me of an evil version of The Cranberries, but at least they can rock.

If you can imagine soft rock mixed with girl power shrills then you have heard GIAC.

Their new album Both Before I'm Gone is great, especially the song Stay, which you can see a video for on their official website - The beginning of the song starts off with a guitar and a blast of vocals by the front woman.

I liked the lyrics of Their Cell, "All your pain is stiff. Tattooed lovers, they don't like to

reminisce. Keep pictures of the people you once loved in a safe, oh in a safe. Oh no you

lost the combination, oh no you have the wrong address, scribble names unscramble


Their website describes the trio as being from "A land of puffy tacos, lone star beer and the place where Ozzy Osbourne pissed on the Alamo," as they are from San Antonio.

That was enough for me to read on.

I soon learned people like to refer the lead singer Nena Diaz as "The female version of Morrissey."

I also learned that the drummer, Phanie Diaz and Nena are sisters with long time friend Jenn Alva on bass.

I knew I would love this band when I heard what they did in high school, it brought back a lot of memories I had with a best friend.

"Friends since either grade art class where they discovered a mutual love of Nirvana, the Smiths, and skipping school."

Although the band only consists of three members, all the girls can light a fire under those who don't like rock music and may make them firm believers in their music.

Their lyrics are especially good.

Nena's lyrics are a little hard to hear in songs, but I like it like that.

I really wish I could have seen them live.

I have been to Warped Tour the past two years and never heard them there, but I'm not sure they played in Dallas at that time.