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Ozzy Isn't the Only One to Piss on the Alamo

By Shanon McCabe

Girl in a Coma, a San Antonio-based band, is on tour in Southern California throughout June in support of their new record, Both before I???m Gone, a Blackheart Records release. Obviously influenced by The Smiths (the band???s name is inspired by the Smiths??? song ???Girlfriend in a Coma???), the all-girl pierced and tattooed trio features Nina Diaz on guitar and vocals, Jenn Alva on bass, and Phanie Diaz on drums. Diaz???s vibrato voice is unique and intriguing???Mazzy Star meets The Pretenders with the underlying weirdness (in a very adoring way) of Radiohead. ???Say??? is a driving rocker, while ???Their Cell??? is a daydreamy downbeat tune that builds with a passionate crescendo.

In an interview with dot Newsmagazine, Jenn Alva and Phanie Diaz share their youthful enthusiasm and excitement over their new release and national tour.

dot Newsmagazine: Your national debut album is on Joan Jett???s label. How did that come about?

Jenn Alva: We met Joan during a documentary show we were doing. She was supposed to give us advice, but she liked us so much, she signed us.

Phanie Diaz: She has given us good advice. Joan is really intelligent, and more and more she is an inspiration to us.

dot: Why is your music appealing to the GLBT community?

Alva: We look at things through a broad lens and our lyrics apply to anyone.

dot: How would you describe the flavor of your music?

Alva: Tasty. Very tasty.
dot: What type of sound best describes your music?

Diaz: It???s ironic, but it???s melodic punk. It???s not really a sound, though, it???s an attitude and an experiment.

dot: Do you have any problems in the music industry being female and so very young?

Alva: We don???t have to carry our gear.
Diaz: People assume we act like and sound like all the other all girl bands, and that we can???t play instruments. So, sometimes falling into stereotypes is a problem. Hey, we???re just a band???musicians playing music???and I think that is what gets across.

dot: Will you describe melodic punk?

Alva: As a singer, Nina is the melodic sound. She was influenced early on by Patsy Cline and Billie Holiday.

Diaz: The punk influence comes from the Smiths, the Pixies and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

dot Newsmagazine: How excited are you to be able tour at the same time that your national debut album is released and played main stage at L.A. Pride?

Alva: We don???t care where we play. We love to tour. Touring is a new adventure every day.

Diaz: We???ll be touring for three months. Compared to the studio, live shows are based on pure energy???we love that.

You can catch Girl in a Coma Thursday, June 7 at Alex???s Bar in Long Beach, or Sunday, June 10 on the L.A. Pride Main Stage at 3:15 p.m. Also, check out the girls on The Warped Tour in July.