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Girl in a Coma Rock The M Room
by Jamey Hindorff, Temple '09

They hail from San Antonio, Texas and their style is completely their own. Girl in a Coma tore down the Manhattan Room (15 W. Girard Ave.) this past Thursday night leaving all who attended slightly concussed.

Front woman Nina Diaz entered the ring like Rocky Balboa tossing her satin green track jacket aside to reveal a sleeve of tattoos. The tan skinned, wide eyed vixen seized the crowd the second she opened her throat to sing. Her sultry voice packed much old school flare. It was almost as if her young body was possessed by the late Mama Cass infused with the libido of Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

Bass player Jenn Alva exhibited a cocky yet smooth two-step to the timely beat of drummer Phanie Diaz.

Girl in a Coma was incredibly versatile transitioning flawlessly from heart wrenching ballad, to punk rock riot, to a Sublime-like jump jam, and back again. The magical charm these girls have on stage would rival any spell cast by The Power of Three.

Highlights included a spaghetti western intro off the fingers of Nina Diaz in the beginning of their song “BB”, as well as the clever lyrics featured on “Static Mind” when Nina sings, “…reasons not to leave multiply like rabbits with hard drinks”.

Girl in a Coma has been featured in such prestigious publications as Rolling Stone and have toured with several major artists, including Cyndi Lauper, Social Distortion and Tegan and Sarah, both in the states and in Europe.

The group’s latest album, Trio B.C. was titled after their grandfather’s Tejano band which was popular in the 1950s. Girl in a Coma credits their grandfather as being their primary source of inspiration.

Trio B.C. can be purchased on iTunes.

Girl in a Coma is on tour through the beginning of November.