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Girl In Coma
by Brittany Sturges, Temple '08

Girl in a Coma, a rock band from Texas, was in town recently to perform at Millcreek Tavern. I was able to speak briefly on the phone with their drummer, Phannie, in regards to being signed to Joan Jett’s record label and having their album selected as an album pick on ITunes at the beginning of April.

After six years of writing and performing, the female trio (composed of Phannie, Nina and Jenn) was given a career-changing opportunity. They had been involved with a television show, which was doing a documentary about the band. At one point, the three were supposed to sit down with legendary rocker, Joan Jett, to listen to any advice that she might have had for them. What they walked away with was a record label.

The trio had previously been looking at labels and had planned to sign with another indie label, Phannie said. Yet, that day plans were changed and the girls joined the Blackheart recording family.

So what about that advice Joan was supposed to have given them? Phannie said, “Her best advice was to realize what’s going on around you. Take in every moment that you can. Have fun, but don’t forget where you came from and just try to take it all in.”

Since then, the trio has recorded their debut full-length, Both Before I’m Gone, as well as having played Warped Tour and opened for several bands. But out of all the moments, Phannie admitted that one of the biggest highlights was being asked by Morrissey to play on his tour. Phannie talked about the honor, considering their band name comes from one of his songs.

The band is currently on tour until May 3 From there, they’ll begin to tour with Tegan and Sara in the fall, but will also focus their energies on working on their second album. According to Phannie, the band is about halfway through the record. So how does it differ from Both Before I’m Gone? “It’s more rockabilly…more Elvis…more Patsy Kline,” Phannie said, “We want to show what we can do.”

They want to concentrate on touring and prioritize their list. “We want to go to cities where bands don’t go. Bands forget hat there’s kids everywhere,” Phannie said, nothing the kids’ curiosity about music.

If you’re interested in learning more about Girl in a Coma or want to see when they’re coming to the area, check out their website.