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Girl In A Coma, July 9, Neurolux
by Amy Atkins

While on tour supporting their new release, rockabilly/rock/pop Trio B.C., Girl in a Coma's Jenn Alva, Nina Diaz and Phanie Diaz are seeing a variety of diverse crowds.

"Young kids ... couples ... and tons of guys who are all in love with Nina. And we get our gays, which is wonderful," said Alva, bass player for the San Antonio, Texas-based trio.

Notwithstanding that Alva and Phanie are lesbians, she said some of their gay following is because they've opened for both Morrissey and Tegan & Sara. Joan Jett was obviously listening, too. After hearing the band in 2006, she signed them to her Blackheart Records label, something Alva said couldn't have come at a better time.

Together since 2000 when Nina--now barely 21 years old--would have been thinking about what to wear on the first day of junior high, the three women once thought about calling it quits but, fortunately, kept the faith.

"At one point, we started doubting ourselves ... our families told us [the band] was a hobby and we needed to get real jobs. We didn't want to work because we knew we'd be at a job when we'd rather be practicing or discussing the band, something we love to do. But I think if we hadn't been signed, we would have kept going [anyway] because Nina really pushes Phanie and I even though we're eight years older. [Nina] has so much talent, and she would be the drive to keep us going whether we were signed or not."

With Miss Derringer, 9 p.m., $8 advance, $10 door. Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St., 208-343-0886.

(Yes, that is actually New York diva, Amanda Lepore in the video.)