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Concert Review: Girl In A Coma at Poor David's Pub-Dallas, Texas
Written by Jerry Rojas
Published April 17, 2008

San Antonio, TX-based Girl In A Coma have received a lot of notoriety in the last few years. From being signed to Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records to touring the U.S. and Europe with one of their heroes, Morrissey. It’s certainly well-deserved and 2008 seems poised to be an even bigger year for the San Antonio, Texas punk trio.

Having gotten plenty of love from our beloved magazine in the past –Assistant Music Editor A.L. Harper wrote two great articles about them earlier this year: a Band of the Week review and an interview for the feature. I can only hope to add to that collection with a recount of one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time.

Despite the extensive touring and busy schedules, they made time recently to be part of a benefit concert for the Rockin’ for Rescue Foundation, which raises funds for rescuing abandoned pets in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The venue itself is actually one of the better venues in Dallas that usually caters to more Americana/Alt-Country/Folk-type artists but the sparse yet loyal crowd welcomed the ladies with open arms.

Playing songs from their latest release, Both Before I’m Gone (Blackheart Records), GIAC immediately captivate you with their unrelenting energy on stage. Even though most of the crowd was seated, singer/guitarist Nina Diaz didn’t seem to care as she crooned and wailed like someone well beyond her 19 years of age. She channeled Kathleen Hanna, Johnny Ramone and Patsy Cline all at the same time.

Bassist Jenn Alva brought her straightforward yet fitting bass lines that kept the tempo in line. At times, she reminded me of Paul Hinojos (formally of At The Drive-In & Sparta) with her stage presence. Drummer Phanie D. kept it precise and played as if each song was her last one with no frills or fancy drum fills. Steady yet urgent, she kept it fast but slowed it down when needed.

GIAC kept their set short and to the point, including the tracks “Road to Home”, “Clumsy” and “Their Cell” but the one song that stood out that night was “Say”. The live version of that song surpasses the album cut by a million miles. Very driving and keen, that has to be one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long while.

Overall: The excitement for discovering a band and getting to see them live for the first time hasn’t happen in a great while. Call it being jaded or cynical with the current state of music but from the few tracks I heard online previously, I couldn’t wait.

Girl In A Coma did not disappoint one bit. Their plans for 2008 include plenty of touring to support their new record, with a possible tour with indie darlings Tegan and Sara in the fall. Be sure to check their website or their MySpace page.