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Girl In A Coma

Girl In A Coma singer-guitarist Nina Diaz has apparently been referred to as “the female version of Morrissey”—perhaps just by the San Antonio band’s publicist—so the group’s Smiths-referencing moniker is no accident. The comparison is both a little overblown and distracting from the true appeal of Girl In A Coma, which combines Diaz’s woozy croon with a full-bore rave-up, rockabilly/punk sound that deservedly got the imprimatur of Joan Jett, whose Blackheart label released both 2007’s Both Before I’m Gone and 2009's Trio B.C. Named for the Tejano band led by the grandfather of Diaz and her sister Phanie (GIAC’s drummer), B.C. has an impressive range, connecting solid punches on everything from the buzzsaw blast of “Empty Promise” to the tender love song “El Monte.”

Updated 08/30/2010