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February 23, 2007
Austinist Interviews SXSW: Girl In A Coma

San Antonio trio Girl In A Coma is comprised of siblings Nina and Phanie Diaz, and complemented by childhood friend Jenn Alva on bass. The band’s energetic pop/rock has been seen on tour with the likes of Frank Black, The Epoxies, and The Eyeliners, with an upcoming gig opening for the Pogues announced this month. Also secured recently is a record deal with Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records, with their debut album expected sometime this year. For more hype, Phanie D. answered our questions.

Share a story about a visit to Austin or a previous trip to SXSW.

Our best experience so far was 2006's SXSW. We played a pre-party with theStart, who are always greatlive. Later that evening we got to meet up with Boz Boorer of Morrissey. He produced a demo for us in 2005 in London so it was great to see him again. We had some drinks together at an Austin pub. Later on that night we also got to hang out with Nathan, a.k.a. Braice Paine of the Gossip. He came over to one of our best friend's in Austin apt. We all drank together and shared our love for the movie Freeway 2. Yes, we drank a lot that night. Next day, we were put on the guest list by Boz to go catch Morrissey at the Austin Music Hall. Good times.

Is SXSW still fun if most of the people watching you play are industry?

Well it depends. Most of the bands wanting to play SXSW are there for the industry, if they admit it or not. Every band wants to be able to do this for living and to do so you need it. So it's great to meet people who can help you reach that goal, but at the same time, what also makes a live show fun is the energy of the people who are there to see you play. So if we at least have that--then we are definitely having a good time.

What music are you looking forward to in 2007?

At SXSW specifically? All of it. It's exciting to run around the city and go into different venues, bars and shows going on in the streets. There is so much new stuff and bands to discover.

How do your parents describe your music to people?

Well, Nina and my parents just basically tell everyone we are a "rock band" and Nina has a great voice. They’re cute and proud. For Jenn, her parents would say "it's that new rock and roll" due to the fact that they’re not familiar with any new musical genres.

What do you never want to see inside a tortilla?

I once saw a cooked ladybug in a tortilla. True story... would not want to see that again.

BBQ or Tacos? Margaritas or beer? Parties or distro deal?

Tacos, Beer, and a distro deal. That's a party, so we can have both.

Is rock n’ roll dead?

No, we believe it’s never really dead, but more so reinventing itself or bringing back old influences. Some may say it's dead because it’s not the focus of media, etc. There is a lot of great rock out there but ultimately it’s up to the listeners and media to expose that it’s there.

Girl In A Coma plays SXSW at Emo’s on March 16th.