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Pachanga: Five Minutes With Girl In A Coma
.Leading up to Pachanga (May 21st and 22nd at Fiesta Gardens), we’ll be spending five minutes with many of the artists scheduled to perform at the festival. Today, we catch up with San Antonio’s Girl In A Coma.

What does a perfect Pachanga entail?

Great music, good friends, and new friends.

Does Austin deserve to host a Latino Music Festival?

I think every city should have a Latino fest.. because every city deserves one.

Flaco Jiménez or Selena?

Damn. Love em both.. but swaying towards Selena.. because she’s a stong Latina.. and we do a cover of “Si Una Vez” on our new Adventures in Coverland series.

What is right or wrong with the music industry today?

There are so many weird things happening in the music industry right now...we can go on and on.. but all you can do is remain true to yourself, stay humble and keep on playing.

If you could invite one musician, living or dead, on stage with you, who would it be?

Nirvana. Would have been soooo amazing.

Thank you for spending five minutes with Austinist.