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Girl In A Coma - Trio B.C.
Scott Heisel on 6/16/09 @ 7:00 AM

In Trio B.C.'s rowdier moments, from the post-Stooges swagger Girl In A Coma bring to the opening riff of "Baby Boy" to the marching boots and slashing power chords of "Static Mind," they tear it up with more reckless abandon than naming their band after a Morrissey single would suggest, They're at their punkiest on "Joannie In The City, one of two tracks co-produced by label chief Joan Jett (who also chimes in on guitar and backing vocals) and her longtime collaborator Kenny Laguna. It's clear which songs were born to rock a sweaty punk club, but GIAC really hit their stride on the tracks that sound more like the work of hardcore Moz fans, from the upbeat sugar rush of "In The Day" to the bittersweet pop hooks of "Pink Lemonade" and swooning majesty of "Trail." (BLACKHEART) Ed Masley