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3 1/2 stars

Girl in a Coma - It's not for nothing they chose a Smiths song for a band name.

Fifty seconds into "Clumsy Sky," a melancholy waltz recalling Chrissie Hynde at her most precious, you may be wondering how Girl in a Coma ever ended up on Joan Jett's record label. Then the feedcack kicks in, followed by buzzsaw guitars, a big, juicy pop hook and
plenty of attitude from singer Nina Diaz. Suddenly, it all makes sense. Much of what follows is just as infectious, from the dance-punk-flavored "Sybil Vane Was Ill" to the swooning girl-group charms of "I'll Ask Him." But they're actually closer to a female Smoking Popes with occasional nods to Pixies and a debt to Morrissey running deeper than a band name
bribbed from "Girlfriend in a Coma." Blackheart
Ed Masley