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Girl in a Coma "Both Before I'm Gone"
Black Heart

'Both Before I'm Gone', the debut album by Girl in a Coma, a San Antonio trio, is a raucous, frolicking good time reminiscent of early Blondie, with pop-y hooks, dense instrumentation and infectious lyrics. The result is an addictive sound that leaves you wanting one more song and then another.

The formula has proved successful. Nina and Phanie Diaz (sisters), joined by Jenn Alva on bass, have toured with Frank Black, the Epoxies, the Start and most recently have opened for the Pogues.

Small wonder why: Nina Diazâ' voice crawls under your skin and gnaws on your bones, demanding attention. Drummer Phanie Diaz is relentless, providing an energizing beat that prompts you to get out of your seat and do something, anything.

Although Phanie Diaz and Jenn Alva have been playing together since 1993, it took several mutations of their lineup to establish the current configuration. That incubation period resulted
first in a demo mixed by Boz Boorer (musical director for Morissey) and eventually in this album, released in March on Joan Jett's Blackheart Records. Grab it now, and get to a show if you can -- because these girls are going to explode.

- Erica Freudenberger / Altercation Magazine