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A day in the life with Girl in a Coma
Posted by Lindsey Byrnes on October 18, 2010

A day in the life of Girl in a Coma means you wake up a girl in a three piece rock band. You spend your days opening for acts like Sia, Morrissey, Steel Train and Tegan and Sara. You play music, write music, or you’re in the van listening to music on your way to the next town.

Today, life as Girl in a Coma means getting tattooed and playing a show in Long Beach.

All the girls are heavily tattooed and so Tiffany Garcia, a fan of the band, who is also an amazingly talented tattoo artist, reached out and asked the girls if they’d like to get some ink! I met up with them just as Tiffany had put the first stencil on Jenn. While Jenn got tattooed we talked about their new record, tattoos and life on the road.

While Jenn was getting tattooed, we had an LA Ink moment. I started asking her about some of her other tattoos.

Jenn loves roosters and adores Elvis so getting an Elvis-Cock is not as random as it may appear.

This is one of Jenn’s first tattoos and also the first ever Girl in a Coma tattoo on record. She incorporated the acoustic bass that she had at the time.

I have seen other people with TCB tattoos but I never knew it was an Elvis reference. Again Jenn is a big Elvis fan and TCB stands for Taking Care of Business, which, if you have ever seen her play bass, then you know she does!

Today Jenn was getting an old school telephone, which she got because she made a promise to the church that she would call my mom and dad everyday. They are on tour so much that it is a good reminder.

Then it was Phanie’s turn. She is a big fan of traditional tattoo art as well as Mexican style art. Her tattoos are almost all done in one or the other styles here are some of her tattoos.

The star is the first tattoo and Jenn also has the same one. The sugar skull shows a very traditional Mexican style art.

Viva Hate is Morrissey’s first solo record, the one that really got Phanie into Morrissey. She chose the sacred heart because the album is very sacred to her.

Phanie got this one by Honest Charlie as just for her love of the old tattoo art.

All the girls grew up in San Antonio.

The rose on Phanie’s hand again shows her love of traditional tattoos. The other hand shows her devotion and dedication. The key says "Waits" and her girlfriend has the heart with a lock that says "True Love." When you put it together it says "True Love Waits" which is the title of a song by Radiohead and Buddy Holly also had a song with the same name.

The owl that Tiffany Garcia tattooed on Phanie is currently her favorite tattoo. Although I wasn’t supposed to tell, Phanie considers herself the wisest member of the band and so this combined the Mexican art she loves so much with the owl that represents wisdom. (Sorry Phanie.)

Nina who is the lead singer of Girl in a Coma had decided that she wasn’t going to get tattooed. She found ways to entertain herself throughout the day. Napping, chatting on the phone and racing in her imaginary car.

Then we were off to GIAC’s headlining show at Alex’s.

Girl in a Coma is on tour now. Their latest work is Adventures in Coverland.