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Girl in a Coma

5:50pm, Hierba Stage

When Girl in a Coma did "Cherry Bomb" with Cherie Currie at South by Southwest in March, it was one of those circle-closing moments. Even though it was a tie-in with The Runaways movie debuting that week, it served as torch-passing from one generation to the next.

"As soon as she jumped onstage, she came alive," remembers singer/guitarist Nina Diaz. "It was so surreal. I kind of involuntarily felt my body going into the Joan stance. You know how she curls up her shoulders?"

"Joan" is Joan Jett, their boss at Blackheart Records, which put out the young San Antonio trio's two LPs - 2007's Both Before I'm Gone and 2009's Trio B.C. Rounded out by Diaz's sister Phanie (drums) and childhood friend Jenn Alva (bass), Girl in a Coma's been on a whirlwind tour since Jett signed them in 2006. They've also developed quite an interesting intersection of fans – Latino, queer, and punk – the devotion of which rivals that of Morrissey, who, coincidentally, asked the group to open for him in 2007.

Blackheart released three cover albums last month, titled Adventures in Coverland, featuring songs from Patsy Cline, Selena, the Velvet Underground, and Joy Division, mirroring the mishmash of sounds on GIAC's Trio B.C. The band's also invested in the upcoming Girls Rock Camp. Diaz recalls one more surreal moment last summer:

"We walked into this one room, and they were teaching the girls 'Consider' [from Both Before I'm Gone]. There was one little girl, she looked like she was about 5, wearing these big glasses and looking silly. She reminded me of me when I was a little girl." – Audra Schroeder