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Meet the SXSW band: Girl in a Coma

By Music Source | Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 06:12 PM

Girl In A Coma also plays Wednesday night (Feb. 25) at Mohawk. The band from San Antonio has been an official South by Southwest act for the past three years and will be back officially next month.

What do you hope to accomplish?
Mainly our goal is to expose ourselves and meet other bands we could tour with in the future. You never know who’s going to catch your show.

What music can you not leave town without?
EVERYTHING. Before we had iPods we would make massive amounts of mix CDs for the road. Ranging from Patsy Cline to Babes in Toyland.

Last song downloaded?
Hurricane Jane… Black Kids.

Do you have a favorite hangover cure?
Bean and cheese tacos with a Big Red.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing?
I don’t think any of us have a favorite. As long as it doesn’t smell.

What’s your favorite Austin memory?
It’s always the people that make Austin for us. They’re always into our shows … and Austin kids have crazy dance moves.

It’s late, you’re hungry and time is short: what’s your go-to fast food franchise and what do you order?
I don’t know how late this place stays open and it’s not considered a fast food place… but it’s Veggie Heaven MMMMMm. Lucky 7.

Are you more likely to go to day parties or SXSW panels?
Day parties.

What’s the best thing you learned in school?
If you pretend that you’re working…you’ll pass the class.

Does your band have a pre-show ritual? Any superstitions?
We have to get into a circle and do pelvic thrust.

What’s your favorite restaurant back home?
Green and Tai Dee.

What was the concert or album that made you want to play music yourself?
Seeing Babes In Toyland at Sunken Garden theaters here in San Antonio.

What TV show s are you recording back home while you’re in Austin?
None of us have a fav show. Call us crazy.

Do you have a favorite celebrity chef?
Rachael Ray (Nina)

A celebrity crush you’re willing to reveal?
Lindsey Lohan (Jenn)

What should SXSW audiences know about your music?
That we do it all for you.