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Girl in a Coma's Musical Adventure!
Share Article | May 1, 2010 Paul Saucido

Called "Adventures in Coverland," the San Antonio girls take the listener on a rip fun ride. From Bowie to Selena, the seven covers really are an adventure.

Covers can be a tricky business. Songs that have been part of our music collective evoke certain sounds and memories. Memories connected to our human fabric, yes the "soundtrack of our lives." No one wants their soundtrack or playlist to be changed, altered or repacked as it violates the laws of Rock and Roll.

The "Rules" of Rock and Roll.
Covers are released everyday that lack a freshness or a valid reason why the artist would waste their time and the audience's ear. Artists and their covers can horribly break Rock and Roll's collective laws. Girl in a Coma's Adventures in Coverland, a collection of three volumes with seven songs in total, is an innovative and unique ride of young trio's homage to some of their favorite classic songs.

The "punk' attitude ot Selena
One would never think that the late Tejana singer Selena's music was punk on any level. But the sheer fact that Selena broke barriers in the male dominated Latin genre made sense for the San Antonio trio to cover one of her tunes. The song "Sin Una Vez," opens with a hollow Latin guitar riff that hops into a punk cumbia where by the time Nina Diaz gets to the first chorus the band has blasted into frenzy aggressive beat.

Dancing to the Beatles
The Beatles "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," from their White Album, was hailed as one of the first Zen rock tunes where Eric Clapton's guitar work defined the 60's. Brilliantly the girls take to the bass work in Jenn Avila as the driving melody and Nina's vocals to compliment the familiar tune into a fresh paced danceable beat.

Joy Division unplugged
Joy Division's "Transmission" vaulted many new wave groups to go dark and goth it up. Here Girl in a Coma strips the sound down, with finger snaps and acoustic guitars. Instruments are added on as Nina sings "Dance, dance, dance to the radio." Melodies are mournful yet soar on as the song grows reaching a ringing catharsis.

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