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Graham Colton

Graham Colton will be playing House Of Blues NOLA in the restaurant on Monday Oct 24 at 6pm in support of his album, "Pacific Coast Eyes". Some incredible songwriting from Colton, who has written and recorded in NOLA, as well as toured and collaborated with NOLA's own Better Than Ezra. Grab some friends and go see Colton...you wont be disappointed!!! The show is free and is a pre-party for the sold out Colby Caillat concert. Check Graham's music/tour dates out at www.grahamcolton.com and on Facebook at Graham Colton! He is one helluva nice guy and writes great music. With his ties to NOLA, it promises to be a great show! Following is a short Q&A with Colton...

What was important to you to write and record in NOLA? "Well, the music history. And Ive written and recorded with Kevin from Better Than Ezra. Better Than Ezra has always been one of my favorite bands and I was introduced to Kevin by a mutual friend. We've written 6 songs in NOLA...just always been a really cool place. Unfortunately I dont get there much except for pleasure."

What are some of the songs you wrote/recorded here and how did NOLA influence the songs? ""Cigarette" and "Suitcase" are 2 songs I wrote there. Its an overall vibe in NOLA...always an element of Roots Americana in there."

Do you have a favorite moment in NOLA? "When I was 21, I went to Harrah's to gamble legally for the first time...actually won at blacklack. Kevin drove me to a crazy guitar pawn shop and I spent the money on a Gibson hanging on the wall. Just took it down and bought it without even playing it first."

Whats your favorite place in NOLA? "Juan's Flying Burrito Uptown...one of the best burritos ever."

Who were your influences in music and songwriting? "Dont mean to sound cliche' but my Dad was in a cover band and I always just wanted to play with him...stuff like the Eagles and Tom Petty. In high school I started to listen to Better Than Ezra, Counting Crows and Oasis..."Wonderwall" especially...they forever changed acoustic guitar for me. They were all using the acoustic guitar in a really rock and roll way."

"Moving on and looking ahead but never forgetting your past is youre quote and it really does reflect a common thread to the songs on "Pacific Coast Eyes"... "Thanks. Been doin this almost ten years now and finding my spot...Im excited to be an independent artist again...cool not to have any rules. Its amazing. This album represents that."

You call your fans friends instead... "I really feel that way. Im lucky to have toured with some big acts but its meeting people after shows that I love...Ill take pictures with anyone."

What do you do to unwind after recording and touring? "I go home to Oklahoma and hang out with my wife and two dogs. Keeps a good balance with everything. And I watch a lot of college football...I love college football."

Whats in your CD player right now? "Ryan Adams."

What should NOLA expect from your House Of Blues show on Monday? "Been a while since Ive been back...this will be a back to the basics show. Want a lot of friends to show up. The time for the show has been moved to 6pm. Its a pre-party for the Colby Caillat show that comes up after me."