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Au Naturel

by Valerie Wells
November 2, 2011

Singer-songwriter Graham Colton, an Oklahoma native, is on a two-month tour of the South in a tour van that runs on compressed natural gas. Singing pop ballads and promoting CNG, Colton is marketing both a new CD and an alternative energy source.

After a performance in Atlanta, Ga., and before a Nashville, Tenn., concert, Colton heads to Jackson Nov. 4 for a show at Hal and Mal's (200 Commerce St., 601-948-0888).

Colton's new CD, released Oct. 18, is "Pacific Coast Eyes Vol. 2." His "Go Natural" tour promotion teases "more intimate fan interaction and a powerful environmental message."

While on the tour, Colton will document his CNG driving experience with video blogs and social-media updates. He is also the first featured contributor on CNGnow.com, where his fans can download a free MP3.

"Pacific Coast Eyes Vol. 2" is available for $5.99 via iTunes and at http://www.grahamcolton.com.