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Tonight: Graham Colton at the Tractor Tavern
By Travis Hay– June 16, 2011

Graham Colton is an interesting breed of singer-songwriter. Yes, he fuses pop, folk and roots music together, which seems to be the trendy thing that all singer-songwriter types do nowadays. And yes his songs are thoughtful and entertaining. But that’s not what makes him interesting.

Colton is one of those cases of a singer-songwriter who achieved success early in his career and is working to build on that success to establish himself as a household name. In my book that makes his career an interesting one to follow. Of course his music also makes him a musician worth paying attention to because if his songs weren’t good then he’d just be another one of those coffee shop open mic types.

Colton experienced some pretty big success with his album Here Right Now which featured the single “Best Days.” The record landed him opening slots for John Mayer, Maroon 5, OAR, Dave Matthews Band, Train, The Wallflowers and Kelly Clarkson. He even got a shout out on The Oprah Winfrey Show by Oprah and “Best Days” was featured as exit music for American Idol.

He recently released a new album called Pacific Coast Eyes and it shows an improved emphasis on songwriting while still maintaining the strong pop sensibility that makes his music appealing to the masses. Scope out the video for the title track above and head over to the Tractor Tavern tonight to see Colton perform (9 p.m., $10)