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THE GRAHAM COLTON BAND: KINGS OF THE OPENING ACT. If you've been to a concert by Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Guster or The Wallflowers
in the past two years there's a chance you've already been introduced to the sounds of The Graham Colton Band. The Texas-based group has warmed the crowd up for all of those bands. Since G-C-B is pretty new they travel by van while on tour - a far cry from the sweet
tour buses the rest of those artists roll in. We asked Graham Colton guitarist Turtle - yes, he just goes by the one name - if they ever get jealous. (Actuality #2) "They worked for it, so they deserve to have it. I mean, that's just part of doing the meat and potatoes of going out everyday trying to earn a new fan for your band, that's gonna keep supporting you day in and day out. So, in one aspect I mean yes, you know, you're a little bit envious, but they deserve
everything they have going into it." The Graham Colton Band is currently out on the road opening for Sister Hazel and promoting their recent release Drive, which is in stores now.