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Gem of the Week
--Gemma Pollice

Artist: Graham Colton Band
Title: "Drive"
Label: Universal
Web site:
Release date: May 25, 2004
Standout track: "Killing Me"
Songs I can't get enough of: "First Week" and "Cigarette"
Other titles by this artist: Released in 2002 and a previous Gem of the Week, "Graham Colton Band" features the hit "Jessica"
My two cents: Fans of Maroon5, John Mayer and the Counting Crows might recognize this week's Gem. For everyone else, it's time to familiarize yourselves. Since the 2002 Counting Crows tour, the Graham Colton Band have played more than 400 shows in almost three years. Lead singer and Oklahoma native Graham Colton writes the songs, which fill our ears with love, loss and bitterness. They are honest songs to which everyone can relate, such as "First Week," about the novelty of a relationship wearing off. Graham Colton Band are bound to be the next big thing, so, as Colton sings in the opening track "Don't give up on me tonight/We've come this far and we've made good time." The band will open for Kelly Clarkson Friday at the A.J. Palumbo Center.