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Graham Colton

There's something comforting about hearing a musician who worked through the ranks the right way. Sure, some bands have the talent and management behind them to make it on the radio practically overnight, but for Graham Colton and his band, they have battled many roads.

And finally, success is evident, as the band is currently on a headlining tour.

Soon, I expect this Oklahoma boy to turn into a mega-rockstar. When he does, I hope he remains as mellow, honest, and free-spirited as he is now.

If the whole rock show doesn't work out—there is always rap. Right G. Money?

So, you are coming to Chicago. Tell me your thoughts on the Windy City.

Um, you know what? Chicago has always been a great place for us. We have played it a lot throughout our career. The cool thing about Chicago is there is something about it being a big Midwest city. There is just something about it. You know? Something that hits us.

A home away from home.

Right. The cool thing about Chicago is that when we are trying to get used to this circus life we like having a city where we can go and be familiar with the fans. We need that city where we can go back to. We always stay at our same hotel, we like the same bars, we like the same restaurants, we like the same places to hang out. We just really love Chicago.

It helps to have a place where you can be familiar with everything? That's why I love this place.

Exactly, it's just a home away from home from us.

You guys are kind of a journey band. You know, it's taken a while for you to get up to this level. And now, you are on the brink of being huge. Is it weird to make the transition to mega-fame?

I see what you are saying. We have made it up here without any MTV or VH1 marketing. We have been doing this on our own. We are now seeing a nice increase in album and ticket sales. And we can visibly trace it back to word-of-mouth. And that's the best advertising anyone can have. So, it hasn't been weird because the progression has been nice and slow. In my mind, sure it would be great to be on MTV, or it would be great to have a video right now, but we are really in no rush.

And maybe that's the best way to go. Chicago has certainly fallen in love with you.

Thanks, man.

You were pretty young when things started to happen, right?

Oh, yeah. Literally, after I was a freshman in college, it just sort of hit. You hear about one of those bands that are about to hit it big. And we were just one of those groups that was fortunate to hit it big. Things just started to go our way with us opening for the Counting Crows, John Mayer and Maroon 5.

You guys have the formula down.

Where we are right now is definitely a place a lot of bands would be happy to be in. I couldn't be happier. I feel we have made the fans in the right way. We made the kind of record we wanted to make. We are just staying true.

Are you eager for the next level?

Absolutely. Who wouldn't be? I would love to be playing arenas right now. Do I feel like I am ready for an arena right now? I don't think so. We are working on becoming a headlining band. I would so rather be a band similar to Guster, who has very little radio play and marketing, but is selling out 2,000-seaters every night and they probably will be for 10 years. There are some bands out there who are huge right now, but in 10 years won't be able to sell out an open mic night. I think where we are now is exactly where we want to be.

Let's say this whole Graham Colton Band gig doesn't work out and you guys decided to be a rap group, what would your name be?

A rap group? Oh geez. Golly. I have never heard that question. (Laughs) (Laughs again) (... and again) Gosh, I have no idea. Absolutely no idea.

(Laughs) Ok, how about if you ditched the band and wEnt solo, what would your name be as a white rapper?

It would have to be something like G. Money, cause you know, my name is Graham.

(Laughs) OF course. I'm down with the G.


So, when you guys break huge and I interview you a few years down the road, you must have that answer down.

I will think it out. It will be our side project.

How are the ladies on the road? Are they getting even better as the days go on?

Um, you know, a lot of people ask me that, especially since I'm young, 23, and just got out of a serious relationship. I'm the kind of guy who likes to be in a relationship. I like having someone who you can call at two in the morning and come back down to earth. As far as being a single guy on the road, I have definitely had my fun and have had some interesting experiences.

Rock stars live interesting lives.

You know what, though? I'm not going to meet the girl I date in a backstage area. Anyone who I have had a connection with has been away from the stage. I would rather it start from there and them find out I'm a musician later.

Is it a problem to find someone who doesn't know your gig?

Yeah, it is tough. It's getting harder and harder to find someone who doesn't know us, or even hasn't heard of us. I wish I could tell you there are models waiting for me in the backstage area every night.

I wish you could tell me that, too.

(Laughs) Sometimes they are there. There, that should make me sound kind of cool. But we are so busy that I don't get to enjoy the typical life that Rock stars get to live.


Someday for sure.