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1.)We were very impressed with your latest EP and we wanted to know how the writing went for your upcoming full length album.

Well, it’s definitely been a change from what we’d grown used to. In the past, when our material was independently recorded and released, deadlines and time restraints were never an issue. This time around, though, we had a very small window to write as many new songs as possible (and to say it was a chore would be an understatement)! It was almost as if we were all left-handed writers and all of the sudden we had to start learning how to write just as well with our right hands. We feel we’ve done the best we can possibly do, and hope whoever is exposed to our music will hear that!

2.)How did the band come together?

It started with our guitarist Clifford and myself, and the current lineup was later solidified with; Jon Dicken (bass), Brett Stowers (drums), and Matthew Langley (keyboards). It was really out of necessity more than anything. We are all from small towns within a 30 mile radius of one another and were among the only musicians within the area.

3.)Were there any major themes or concepts behind your new album?

I’m sure there are, but it’s not intentional. It won’t be what I would call a "concept album." And if there are any recurring themes on the album it’s due primarily to the fact that, just like any other lyricist, I always tend to revisit similar subject matter. So, to some extent, you could say there are some major themes and concepts. I hate to give them away though. It has always bothered me when bands give away too much in interviews. It’s like a pirate holding your hand and leading you straight to his buried treasure. I’d much rather just have the map and see what else I stumbled upon along the way.

4.)How does it feel to be working with David Bottrill (Tool, King Crimson) as you producer?

He’s a great and sincerely good-hearted person. He’s been extremely patient with us and done a better than good job in helping us try to make the best record we possibly can! But if anyone ever tells you it’s easier working with a producer, they’re probably lying. It’s just like adding a new member to the group. So as a result, there’s an extra person there to tell you what they do and don’t like. I can’t complain though, it has made for a better album.

5.)Any favorite moments on tour, or as a band in general?

Nothing really out of the ordinary. We aren’t a big party band. If anything, we’re homebodies. Of everything we’ve done and everywhere we’ve been, it’s been the tours we first went on when we had no money and no crowd in front of us that I remember the most.

6.)What is something that you can’t live without on tour?

The rest of the guys will tell you cigarettes. I’m trying to quit myself, so any other time I would say the same.

7.)Who are your favorite bands to play with on tour?

We rarely play with bands that are hard to get along with, and more often than not, we wind up keeping in touch with the majority of the bands we hit the road with. Just to name a few: the Timeline Post, the House Harkonnen, Rishloo, 32 leaves, and Opus Dai. All wonderful people!

8.)What is your favorite song to play live and what is your favorite song off your new album in general?

My favorites live would probably have to be ‘a seafarer’s knot’ and ‘dance of the manatee.’ As for the album, I was really surprised with how ‘the wife, the kids, and the white picket fence’ and ‘April fools and eggmen’ turned out. It’s hard to name just one.

9.)How did you guys become some of the first inducties into Serjical Strike Records?

Well, during one of our independently funded tours of the west coast we became good friends with Mike Haitayan, who just so happened to be an acquaintance of Serj’s. Mike coaxed Serj into coming our to a couple of shows; and it was at our second show in Malibu that Serj was kind enough to offer his help. We’ve been extremely fortunate and have nothing but good things to say about Mike, Serj, and Serjical Strike.

10.)What are some of your most anticipated albums coming out in 2007? And what was your most favorite album from 2006?

We have all been extremely out of touch due to the making of this album and I have to plead ignorance to this question. I really don’t have any idea as to what’s come out this year and what’s to come in 2007. You’ll have to forgive me for being out of touch.

11.)Who are some of your influences, for your sound and writing styles?

It really depends on which one of us you ask. We are obviously grounded in rock, but our overall taste in music is significantly different. As for myself, I’m into a little bit of everything. It’s a lame answer to give but it’s the truth. I’ve always loved everything from bluegrass and delta blues to heartland rock and hip hop. And when it comes to our writing style, it’s nothing more than us just trying to find a happy medium and something we can all make our own and cohesive. It’s not an easy thing to do!

12.)I guess that wraps it up, thank you so much for discussing everything with us. Is there anything you wish to say to the readers of

I owe you the thank you for giving me this opportunity. And to the readers of, thank you for caring enough to read this article.