Back to Marti Frederikson Aerosmith Songwriter Reveals Story Behind 'What Could Have Been Love'

RTT Staff

August 31, 2012 6:10 PM ET

(RTTNews) - Marti Frederiksen, songwriter for, and friend of Aerosmith, says that the new power ballad, "What Could Have Been Love," took him seven years to write.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said the idea for the track first struck him in 2005:

"It's been a good seven years," he said. "The song came about because Steven [Tyler] really liked it and we worked it up."

"Someone else would have done the song, but we held it and held it, hoping that it worked for Aerosmith. It's a power ballad-y kind of song, maybe the typical song for Aerosmith. But it just had a good message and Steven was feeling it. So we held on to it and finally, it's seen the light of day," he added.

Music from Another Dimension, the forthcoming 15th studio album from the band, is due in November. "What Could Have Been Love" will be featured on the LP.